Providence Presbyterian

Scranton, PA

hemmler + camayd architects worked with the Providence Presbyterian Church to redevelop the interior of the former St. Vincent Church de Paul Roman Catholic Church to better adapt to the church’s needs for a smaller worship space and more support spaces. The worship area, originally seating 550, was compressed to accommodate seating for approximately 200. The reconfigured worship area is defined by new wood-trimmed walls that stay well below the vaulted wood structure of the roof. The sanctuary and choir areas are redesigned to accomodate a new pew layout. The retained terrazzo floor was patched and polished. The new sanctuary platforms are carpeted, and the entire space received a new color scheme, selected to enhance the original liturgical artwork.

The original sacristies were converted into a business office and a pastor’s office. The baptistry was relocated to provide code-compliant handicapped restroom facilities. A new Children’s room and classrooms were created from former pew space. Improvements included wall and floor and ceiling finishes along with new lighting and HVAC.

All renovations and new construction respect and enhance the original design of the structure, providing significant functional change with minimal visual disruption.

Completed: July 2008