Misericordia University Quad Study

Dallas, PA

The purpose of this study was to find the most cost effective way to optimize space utilization and achieve efficient departmental organization at Misericordia University through a range of their administrative, classroom, storage and residential buildings.

The planning process aimed to provide a road map for a logical, gradual implementation strategy. The ability to implement the recommendations depended on a variety of factors, including such items as funding availability, access to the facilities and academic schedules. Ultimately, the goal was to enable the continued utilization of the Misericordia University’s existing physical plant in support of the school’s mission on ongoing growth.

Assisted by the client team and user input, the professional team gathered relevant information which included: current academic programs and schedules, student enrollment, class sizes and utilization, data pertaining to the existing conditions and use of the numerous buildings under study, local and state zoning and construction codes and frequent interviews and discussions with administration, faculty and staff as to how spaces are used, could be used and how programs are run.

Among many others, the team produced products and tools such as, classroom utilization descriptions, floor plans of each of the buildings indicating the current space use categories and percentage of utilization; floor plans indicating the magnitude of recommended improvements to systems & facilities and finally, colored presentation floor plans for each building indicating the proposed recommendations for each department location and size.