Wyoming Seminary Planning Study

Kingston, PA

hemmler + camayd architects provided Wyoming Seminary with a Master Plan study for both of its campuses. The Study provided building inventory review and analysis, plus inventory of all campus utilities, traffic and campus spaces. Interviews of campus constituencies yielded user input about each department’s future space needs. Analysis of this data assisted in the reorganization of not only current department locations and facilities but also quantified needs for construction of new and renovated spaces.

Maximum utilization of existing and proposed new spaces was determined through analysis of space utilization schedules. Formulation of architectural programs presented alternative concepts for consideration along with budgets. Analysis of campus site conditions provided an understanding of the campus environment relative to programming decisions and subsequent planning options.
Building survey data included room function, occupancy count, and net assignable area. Summaries by building presented an overview of existing conditions of the architectural and engineering systems, code requirements, communications improvements, and deferred maintenance needs.

The Master Plan Study included analysis drawings, development options proposals, with alternative development diagrams, color coded by defined functions, and summary cost estimates for continuing building reinvestments and upgrades. Work suggested in the master plan, such as renovations of classrooms, restrooms, administrative offices and the nurse’s suite, took place at both the upper and lower campuses in the Summer of 2009.

Completed: Spring 2009