hemmler + camayd architects follows a mission statement that encompasses the following concepts:

  • To exceed our client’s expectations
  • To provide the highest quality design services consistent with our clients’ aspirations
  • To build enduring relationships with our clients and collaborators
  • To dedicate our practice to raising the standards of our community and the built environment

Philosophy of Practice

Our philosophy of practice combines the positive view that we can meet the very real needs of our clients and, whenever possible, find common ground with the broader needs of the community. This altruistic passion is tempered by the adherence to a strict design management procedure. Through a well-guided creative process, hemmler + camayd architects succeeds in reconciling architectural design objectives with the hard facts of constructability, capital and operational budgets and the necessity to adhere to construction schedules. Contrary to the vain pursuit of glamorous, extravagant buildings, hemmler + camayd architects systematically pursues design solutions that make wise use of our available resources.