RJ Burne Cadillac Showroom

Scranton, PA

The design process, set forth by the General Motors Corporation required working to design standards established by the branding architect. In some cases, this presented challenges in the design process, due to the fact that the existing building, which currently houses the Cadillac dealership is well over 100 years old. Additionally, the facility had to remain in operation during renovations. These challenges were resolved as the team worked together to bring this turn of the century building into what today’s image of Cadillac.

The exterior was changed from existing E.I.F.S. to new limestone panels with sleek stainless accents and new aluminum store front systems and doors. The interior was reconfigured as per clean and contemporary design plans, new finishes and glass partitions were installed, opening up the showrooms and offices to make the space more welcoming and interactive. Finally, a new service entrance was added, that now allows for a secure and covered space to arrive for service drop-off or pick up. During this renovation, numerous code items, such as fire rating, life safety, ADA access and plumbing counts, to name a few, were addressed to assure that not only was this renovated facility aesthetically pleasing but also meets all current code requirements to assure the safety of the occupants.

Completed: 2013