exterior of hc office
exterior of hc office
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Who We Are

‘Who we are’ is defined in two ways.

The more historical, standard answer defines hc architects as: reputable architects, designers and planners; as an award-winning, talented firm full of high-quality professionals dedicated to graciously and successfully meeting the needs of our clients.

However, the best way to truly define ‘who we are’ isn’t only found sitting in an office or huddled in a collaborative space. 

It is seen in the skillful designs that bring your vision to life. 

It is heard in the creative problem-solving conversations that allows forward project momentum to continue.

It is felt in the team spirit that is created between owner, architect, contractor and end user.

It is experienced in the thoughtful materials we specify that envelop the users in safety, style and comfort.   The answer is found where paper meets paver.  

Who we are is passionate, sensory, experienced, and experiential.

Who we are is who your vision needs.